ol' moose bbq

food truck & catering

There are many types of BBQ, that the world has come to know and love; Carolina, Memphis, Texas, Southern, Asian, Hillbilly, and the list goes on! You rarely hear about Michigan, or Northern BBQ, but we feel that is a good thing! Michigan, the midwest, the north, whatever you like to call it is such a diverse place that it's hard to define. Where we are from is a lot like our BBQ, hard to define. We don't follow any rules or guidelines when it comes to our food. OL' MOOSE BBQ loves to take from all regions, cuisines, and walks of life to make our "OL' MOOSE STYLE" BBQ.

OL' MOOSE BBQ was inspired by many years of working in the culinary industry for a few great companies and a couple great Chefs. Through those years we were honored to learn from some of the best (at least we think that). We had a lot of great experiences and made a lot of great memories, from what we like to call the funnest cuisine in the world.

We feel that BBQ is based around family and friends. Think about some of the best times you had.....we bet they were with an ice cold beer, some great BBQ, and your family and friends. That right there, is why we do what we do! So come on down, or up, even from the side and meet the OL' MOOSE BBQ family!